Aluminum Grid Ceiling

Aluminum Square Pass VS Aluminum Grille

As the pace of urban construction accelerates, large shopping malls, airports, subway stations, underground passages, offices and other places are increasingly favoring ceiling products with good ventilation and heat dissipation, and aluminum square passes and aluminum grid ceilings have become popular. stand up. In aluminum ceiling products, the shapes of aluminum square pass and aluminum grille are similar to U-shaped. When customers are not familiar with the product, they will be easily confused if they are not carefully distinguished.

Aluminum square-pass style: The parallel-line ceiling is rigorous and elegant. The ceilings installed by the aluminum square pass are parallel lines, and each parallel line has the same spacing, which is insurmountable and very strict. Parallel lines never intersect, and at the same time they deduce an elegant style. The decorative effect of the aluminum square pass ceiling is very good. When you look at it from a proper angle, the aluminum square pass ceiling is like the sea waves, which makes people feel relaxed and happy, without any sense of oppression or cramp.

Aluminum grille style: The smallpox ceiling with writing grid is playful and casual. The aluminum grille is installed on the ceiling, just like the writing grid is printed on the ceiling, but it is so three-dimensional and very playful. Generally, you can put some fake flowers and grass on the aluminum grille, so that the square grid becomes irregular, and it looks casual and comfortable.

Although aluminum grille and aluminum square pass have these differences, the scope of application of the two is similar, and they are widely used in offices, airports, shopping malls, subway stations, stations, libraries, exhibition halls and other places.


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