Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

What is aluminum honeycomb panel? Advantages of aluminum honeycomb panel

Aluminum honeycomb panel is a honeycomb sandwich panel with honeycomb structure as the core, which is inspired by natural hexagonal honeycomb. The unique honeycomb structure makes it lighter than other materials under the same volume, and the rigidity and overall stability are also very good. Moreover, the aluminum honeycomb panel also has the advantages of sound insulation and heat insulation. Aluminum alloy is neither radioactive nor volatile. They can be completely recycled and reused, thereby saving resources and energy, and minimizing environmental pollution. This makes honeycomb aluminum panels a new type of energy-saving, environmentally friendly and healthy materials.

Compared with other materials, aluminum honeycomb panels have many advantages:

High strength and good rigidity

According to mechanical analysis, the structure of honeycomb panels are connected to each other like I-beams. The skin plate bears the plane load like the flange of the I-beam. The honeycomb core functions similarly to the web of the I-beam, bears shear stress, connects and supports two skin plates. However, unlike the I-beam net, the honeycomb core is not thin ribs, but dense ribs. The core layer is bonded to the entire surface of the board, and the height of the core layer is much larger than the thickness of the skin. This doubles the moment of inertia of the section, and the overall stability is improved, while the overall stiffness is improved.

Good impact resistance and vibration damping.

When the honeycomb panel receives an external impact, the impact force can be converted into the plastic deformation energy of the honeycomb core, so the impact energy can be effectively absorbed. Through the self-falling ball impact test on the aluminum honeycomb panel, by checking the dent area and the depth of the impact position, there is no crack, indicating that the aluminum honeycomb panel has good toughness and strong impact resistance, and most of the energy can pass itself Deformation absorption. The damping effect is good.

Good formability and optional thickness.

The thickness of the honeycomb aluminum plate can be selected between 6mm-100mm according to actual needs, or it can be made into the shape of a flat plate, a single curved plate or a double curved plate according to specific requirements. The honeycomb aluminum panel not only has good formability, but also is not easy to deform after forming.

Beautiful appearance and easy to clean.

The skin of the honeycomb panel can be used directly (ground) or coated with different colors or patterns. (RAL colors, wooden patterns and even stone patterns)

Light weight and low density.

The core layer of the honeycomb panel is a typical honeycomb structure, and the continuous polygonal units are regularly arranged, so that the solid part of the honeycomb panel has a smaller cross-sectional area, so the density of the honeycomb panel is lower than other sandwich materials. Since the density of honeycomb panels is much lower than that of ordinary panels such as laminates and steel plates, the weight is the lightest in the same volume. It only accounts for 9% of FRP laminate, 11% of steel and 23% of aluminum alloy, which makes aluminum honeycomb panels save a lot of energy for aircraft applications. The characteristics of low density and light weight enable honeycomb panels to meet the requirements of "lightweight, energy-saving and environmentally friendly" materials for aerospace engineering aircraft and transportation vehicles.

Sound and heat insulation.

The material used to produce honeycomb panels does not have heat and sound insulation properties, and aluminum is a good conductor of heat and sound insulation. However, the unique structure of the honeycomb panel makes it have good heat and sound insulation properties.

The core is a honeycomb structure with hexagonal holes occupying most of the space. For example, the honeycomb panel is 51.96×48.00×12.20 mm, and the foil thickness of the honeycomb core is 0.1 mm. The solid part only accounts for 4% of the total volume. After the honeycomb core and the skin are composed, the holes are hexagonal columnar closed spaces. The air layer between the skins is also divided into multiple closed holes, which prevents air flow and makes it difficult to transfer and transfer heat. In this structure, the propagation of sound waves is also greatly restricted, so the honeycomb panel has good heat and sound insulation properties.

Non-flammable and moisture-proof.

The aluminum panel is made of aluminum plate and aluminum honeycomb core. Aluminum alloy is a non-combustible material, which plays a good role in flame retardancy and fire protection. In addition, aluminum alloy itself has good chemical stability, corrosion resistance and moisture resistance.

No pollution, energy saving and environmental protection.

The raw material of aluminum honeycomb panel is aluminum alloy, which is not radioactive and will not volatilize any harmful gas. Honeycomb panels can also be completely recycled, saving resources and energy, and meeting energy conservation and environmental protection requirements. In addition, the honeycomb panel reduces the burden of transportation vehicles, improves power, reduces fuel consumption, and reduces exhaust pollution, while saving energy.

In the field of construction, aluminum honeycomb panels are usually used to manufacture subway stations, large shopping malls, conference rooms, high-rise building curtain walls, shutters and roofs and ceiling partitions, sound insulation panels, and portable mobile home ceilings suitable for banks and hotels. Aluminum honeycomb panels not only have a good decorative effect, but also can use the characteristics of vibration reduction to reduce casualties and property losses caused by earthquakes.


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