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Advantages of Aluminum VeneerⅡ

Mar. 11, 2020

Fourth, fire prevention

The aluminum veneer is non-combustible, as everyone knows. Early aluminum-plastic panels were not able to fire, but with the development of aluminum-plastic panels, the fire-resistant aluminum-plastic composite panels produced by adding non-toxic flame-retardant materials to their PE, although the fire resistance has improved, but Can not meet the needs of engineering fire protection. Our company provides Construction Aluminum Solid Panel.

Five, residual value

Aluminum veneer has a certain residual value, but the aluminum veneer is an environmentally friendly product that can be recycled. The recycling rate of aluminum-plastic board is far less than that of aluminum veneer. The waste caused by the aluminum-plastic board is still larger than an aluminum veneer.

Construction Aluminum Solid Panel

Six, beautiful

The aluminum veneer can be processed into various shapes to adapt to various design styles, and the surface of the aluminum veneer has been processed by electrophoresis coating, wood grain transfer, fluorocarbon spraying, and other processes so that the aluminum veneer has a variety of stylish and realistic appearance effect. For example, the wood grain transfer process makes the surface of the aluminum veneer a realistic wood grain effect, softens the cold feeling of metal profiles, and adds a warmer and natural visual experience.

Seven, durable

The durability of aluminum veneer has always been a topic of discussion. The surface of the aluminum veneer is sprayed with fluorocarbon paint, and the fluorocarbon process makes the surface of the profile have excellent properties such as fading resistance, oxidation resistance, light resistance, and weather resistance. Do not change color for indoor use for up to 50 years.

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