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Advantages of Aluminum VeneerⅠ

Feb. 29, 2020

First, stress resistance

According to national standards, the thickness of aluminum veneer on the market is generally 1.5mm-5.0mm. The thickness of the aluminum plate determines the compressive capacity of the aluminum veneer. The larger the thickness, the thicker the profile, and the stronger the pressure resistance of the aluminum veneer, which can greatly reduce the wind pressure, reduce the wind pressure, block the erosion of the wall by the typhoon in typhoon days, and effectively protect the building. Our company provides the Aluminum Metal Mesh wall panel.

Brushed Aluminum Ceiling Tile

Second, sound insulation and heat insulation

The aluminum veneer can be perfectly combined with other decorative materials. When the aluminum veneer is used as interior decoration material and combined with some sound insulation and heat insulation materials, it can provide good sound insulation and heat insulation effects, and maintain the comfort of a quiet environment in the room. To achieve the effect of green energy saving.

Third, lightning protection

The issue of lightning protection has been debated for a long time. People have always thought that aluminum veneer is pure aluminum and has better conductivity. In response to this problem, the German company ALUSUISSESINGEN GMBH did a lightning test on the two materials in a military laboratory in Germany. The results show that the lightning curtain can be completely protected from the aluminum-plastic board or the aluminum veneer by the curtain wall connection method when it is struck by lightning. When the continuous current of the lightning strike is applied, the lightning strike on the metal plate or metal surface layer. Melting is easy to occur everywhere, and the aluminum-plastic board is a hybrid, and the lightning protection performance is relatively higher. For both products to have lightning protection performance, aluminum veneer is more suitable in terms of quality and cost.

Our company also have Brushed Aluminum Ceiling Tile.

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