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What are the advantages of aluminum honeycomb core in aluminum honeycomb panel?

Feb. 19, 2020

The production process of aluminum honeycomb panel is made of aluminum honeycomb core in the middle and using high-quality fluorocarbon rolled aluminum sheet as the panel. And it has the advantages of sound absorption and heat insulation, environmental protection and strong pressure capacity. The design of the aluminum honeycomb core is indispensable.

1. Sound absorption

Because the honeycomb core in the aluminum honeycomb panel is divided into a plurality of closed cells, the air flow is blocked, the sound waves are blocked, and the sound absorption coefficient is increased (can reach more than 0.9). At the same time, according to the indoor acoustic design, different perforation rates are designed to control the sound absorption coefficient of the combined structure within a certain range.

Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

2. Insulation

The material of the aluminum honeycomb core can be seen from the name, which is a metal material made of aluminum alloy. The melting point of aluminum is as high as 660 ° C, so when a fire occurs, neither the surface aluminum plate nor the intermediate aluminum honeycomb core will ignite.

3.Environmental protection

As a pure aluminum product, the aluminum honeycomb core does not volatilize any harmful gas to the human body, is non-radioactive and can be completely recycled. It is an environmentally-friendly product that is currently “green development” for sheet materials.

4. Bearing pressure

We know that the advantages of aluminum honeycomb panels have high strength bearing capacity, which also benefits from the scientific design of aluminum honeycomb cores. The two sides of the aluminum honeycomb panel are high-strength aluminum plates, and the inner layer is a specially-made hexagonal aluminum honeycomb core. As a honeycomb core plate adhered to the sandwich structure, it bears pressure in the tangential direction. I-beams can distribute the pressure from the direction of the panel, so that the plate is evenly stressed.

The above are the advantages of the aluminum honeycomb core of the aluminum honeycomb panel in the metal sanitary partition material. These advantages are an important basis for the high-quality aluminum honeycomb panel.

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