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Aluminum Ceiling Installation

Nov. 15, 2019

The aluminum strip ceiling manufacturer tells you the following about aluminum ceiling installation.

1. The aluminum trimming angle is installed according to the same level.

2. Lift the boom and light steel keel at appropriate intervals. The distance between the booms is less than or equal to 1.2m and the light steel keel is 1.2m.

3. The condole piece that installs on trigonometric keel together with trigonometric keel and light steel keel becomes straight direction to be connected by plank distance good and then adjust the level.

4. Press the two edges of square plate parallel into seam of triangular keel, the edge of both ends of horizontal direction after installing first looks for right Angle to pull straight line henceforth gradually row after row presses plank, want to adjust after each row is buckled to assure board face is flat, plate seam is straight. (note that the direction of the edge of the square plate with pits is to Pierce into the triangular keel seam.)

5. Wear gloves when tying the board. If it is accidentally left on the board surface, it should be cleaned with water. When the equipment is used, the protective film should be removed.

6. The purchased aluminum ceiling and the matching keel and fittings should meet the product quality requirements and must not have bending deformation.

7. During transportation and stacking, the aluminum ceiling should be placed flat, not pressed, and protected from high-temperature harmful substances.

8. The keel equipment is leveled, and the distance error should be controlled within 1.5m of the allowable scale.

9. When the equipment has aluminum ceiling, if there is any error in the scale, it should be adjusted first and then inserted in order, and it must not be hard inserted to prevent deformation.

10. Large luminaires, exhaust fans, etc. should be fixed on the keel alone, and should not be placed directly on the aluminum ceiling.

Aluminum Grid Ceiling

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