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How important is a High-Quality Aluminum Ceiling to Home Decoration

Oct. 28, 2020

1.What is the difference between a Good Aluminum Ceiling?

Aluminum ceilings are lighter and more durable than other materials such as gypsum board.

If you live in a house for a long time, you may encounter water and dampness on the roof. As a result, ordinary ceilings may crack and peel.

The aluminum ceiling does not have these problems. Therefore, people often leave the aluminum ceiling in a space with a large amount of water vapor, which can not only resist water vapor but also flexibly deal with the setting of various lamps and the arrangement of pipelines.

2.Is the aluminum ceiling really thicker, the better?

Many consumers have misunderstandings about purchasing, thinking that the thicker the aluminum gusset, the better, but it is not.

Some merchants boast that the thickness of their plates reaches 0.8 mm. First, they use consumer ignorance of the market and seek greater value;

The second is to cover up its technical defects. If you use aluminum with impure raw materials and poor quality to make aluminum gussets, the board cannot be evenly thinned. On the contrary, it is impossible to make the aluminum gussets very thin, and can only be made thicker.

aluminum ceiling

Aluminum Ceiling

3.The better the quality of the paint on the aluminum panel, the better the ceiling?

In fact, no matter how good the quality of the paint is, it will be futile if the adhesion to the board is not done well.

At present, the surface treatment of aluminum gussets mainly includes the following types: electrostatic spraying, baking varnish, rolling coating, rolling screen printing, film coating, and frosting.

If the good paint is peeled off because of weak adhesion, it will not be of any use except to increase our troubles.

For aluminum ceilings, the effect of spray paint treatment is far from that of baking paint treatment. After baking the paint treatment, the adhesion of the paint is stronger. When choosing, we must carefully screen. Generally speaking, painted aluminum ceilings have the same color on the front and back sides, while the painted aluminum ceilings are slightly different inside and outside.

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