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Composite Aluminum Profile Market Has Huge Potential

Dec. 24, 2019

As we all know, like other industries, the building materials industry is developing in the direction of environmental protection and energy-saving. This puts higher demands on the industry, especially suppliers of construction hardware. What kind of material meets the requirements? After repeated comparisons and references to foreign experience, some experts believe that at present, composite aluminum profiles are one of the best materials for processing environmentally friendly and energy-saving doors and windows. Aluminum Square Grid Ceiling factory shares with you.

Aluminum Corrugated Ceiling Panel

The composite aluminum profile is a new type of door and window and curtain wall building material combined with aluminum alloy and polymer thermal insulation material. Through this combination, the center of the aluminum alloy profile forms a heat insulation interlayer, thereby achieving the purpose of heat preservation and energy saving. Doors and windows made of composite aluminum profiles (composite aluminum doors and windows) are replacement products of traditional aluminum alloy windows and plastic steel windows. This kind of door and window has a history of nearly 40 years in the United States, and currently still accounts for more than 85% of the market. However, China is still in its infancy in this field, and its market potential is very large, and it needs to be developed urgently.

Since 1930, in foreign developed countries, aluminum alloy materials have been the first choice of materials for the door, window and curtain wall systems, and they have an absolute advantage in market share. Later, with the continuous development of the modern aluminum alloy industry, aluminum alloy materials have been widely used as materials for door and window and curtain wall systems. With the deepening of the application, people have learned about aluminum alloy materials and started to gradually accept them. In this way, aluminum alloy doors and windows came out in China in the early 1980s. Because of its unique advantages such as lightweight, beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, no low-temperature embrittlement, and easy processing, it has gradually replaced the original steel windows and is favored by consumers. Moreover, the advent of a new generation of heat-insulating aluminum profiles will accelerate the transformation of the profile market.

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