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Misunderstandings to Buy When Buying Aluminum CeilingsⅡ

Jan. 11, 2020

Aluminum gusset plate is based on an aluminum alloy plate, which is formed by blanking, angle cutting, and compression molding. The surface of aluminum gusset plate is processed with various coatings to obtain various aluminum gusset products. There are mainly two types of aluminum gusset plates. Types, one is the integrated aluminum gusset for home decoration, and the other is the engineering integrated aluminum gusset. The first generation of ceiling products is the gypsum board and mineral wool board; the second generation is PVC; the third generation is the HUV metal ceiling.

4.The so-called big brand

It is recommended to buy professional brand aluminum gussets, do not be confused by the so-called international and domestic brands, buy defective products, and the after-sales service of such inferior products cannot keep up, once product quality problems or even personal safety problems cannot be guaranteed.

Misunderstandings to Buy When Buying Aluminum CeilingsⅡ

5. Don't look at color matching

An integrated ceiling aluminum ceiling is an important part of the home kitchen and bathroom decoration. Consider the overall color mix according to the colors of cabinets, bathrooms, and wall tiles.

6. Consider a unified brand

The patchwork effect is poor, and the service is not guaranteed. It is recommended to purchase a unified brand of integrated ceilings and appliances. Integrated ceilings are a one-stop purchase of ceilings and appliances (kitchen lighting, bathroom lighting, ventilator).

The worst part of the aluminum gusset is the spraying board, which is easy to be soaked, toxic, and easy to change color. Everyone knows that integrated ceilings make the decoration more integrated and beautiful, and it has become a new decoration favorite for many families. It will inevitably fall into some misunderstanding traps, so when consumers pay attention to the price of aluminum gussets, they should pay attention to the material of aluminum gussets.

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