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Choice Of Aluminum Ceiling Tile

Dec. 07, 2019

Aluminum ceiling tile is the general term for decorative interior roof materials.In the past, straw MATS, reed MATS and wooden boards were used as main materials in traditional dwellings.With the development of science and technology, more and more modern building materials are applied.

Choice Of Aluminum Ceiling Tile

Aluminum Ceiling Tile

Chinese aluminum ceiling tile has excellent surface coating properties.High quality aluminum gusset plate USES high quality coating, by automatic high speed coating line coating, the surface of the plate is smooth, without color difference, coating adhesion is strong, can withstand the erosion of acid, alkali, salt fog, long time does not change color, coating does not fall off, long service life, and maintenance is convenient, only need to wash clean as new. Actually, if choose and design proper, aluminium qualitative ceiling can bring very good result for every space in the home.Aluminum ceilings are lighter and more durable than other materials, such as drywall. The house lived for a long time, may encounter the roof of the problem of water, and in the wet season and place, the roof more because of moisture erosion and cracking and "peeling", and aluminum ceiling tile will not appear these problems.

(1) the ceiling of toilet should choose hollow-out pattern

Toilet after the installation of the ceiling, space height of the building will reduce a lot (water pipe sealing upstairs in the ceiling above), in the bath, especially in the winter, water vapor spreading around, if the space is very narrow, people will soon feel suffocated, poor health will happen even dangerous, but use the fan to make the air circulation and will no doubt be too cold. .At this moment, the ceiling of hollow out pattern can produce very good effect, it can make vapor does not hinder ground to evaporate upward, because of its thin paper pattern at the same time isolate layer, make the air of fluctuation space produces temperature difference, after vapor rises to the ceiling above, condense water drop very quickly, won't drip fall to fall to fall on the person body again.It can be said to play a double effect.

(2) the ceiling of the kitchen should choose flat model

One is the leeway that color can choose is much, the kitchen that can make oneself has another kind of glamour, give oneself a good mood.

Second, good cleaning, which is also important for the kitchen.Kitchen, can have lampblack problem inevitably, calculate The Times that cook is little, after a year or two also can discover the color of kitchen apparently dim a lot of.When it comes to cleaning the kitchen, the ceiling is a very important part because almost 70 to 80 percent of the smoke will be on the ceiling. If when domestic outfit you chose hollowed-out pattern ceiling, that is equal to cannot clean, because lampblack has infiltrated hollowed-out flower in, but flat ceiling does not exist this problem, use cloth to wipe, brush with brush, can fix very quickly.

Aluminum ceiling is a popular decorative material in the current building market, the reason to be able to obtain the unanimous recognition of the market, is because of the flexible advantages of aluminum ceiling can meet the use of demand. Foshan shunde goodwill metal products co., ltd. is a professional manufacturer of various aluminum products, we provide customized aluminum ceiling tile, if you have any demand for our products, please feel free to contact us.

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