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Decorate 8 Kinds of Common Plank that Must Know

Nov. 02, 2020

Panels are a major item in modern home decoration materials, so consumers must have a basic understanding of them. I will bring you 8 kinds of common panels that you must know about the decoration, and I hope to help you.

According to the material classification, the board can be divided into two categories: solid wood board and artificial board; according to the molding classification, it can be divided into the solid board, plywood, fiberboard, decorative panel, fireproof board, and so on.

1. Solid wood board

As the name suggests, solid wood panels are wood panels made of complete wood.

These boards are durable and have natural texture, making them the best choice for decoration. However, due to the high cost of such panels and the high requirements for construction technology, they are not used much in decoration. Solid wood boards are generally classified according to the actual name of the board, and there is no unified standard specification. At present, in addition to the use of solid wood panels for floors and door leaves, the panels we generally use are artificial panels.

2. Splint

Plywood, also known as plywood, is commonly known as a thin core board in the industry. It is formed by hot pressing of three or more layers of one-millimeter thick veneer or sheet glue. It is the most commonly used material for handmade furniture. Splints are generally divided into six specifications of 3 cm, 5 cm, 9 cm, 12 cm, 15 cm, and 18 cm (1 cm is 1mm).

3. Decorative panel

Decorative panels, commonly known as panels. It is a decorative board with a single-sided decorative effect made by precision sliced solid wood board into a thin veneer with a thickness of about 0.2mm, using plywood as the base material, and through an adhesive process. It is a special way of splinting, with a thickness of 3 centimeters.

4. Blockboard

Blockboard, commonly known as the big core board. The big core board is made of two pieces of veneer, glued and pressed together with wooden boards. The price of a large core board is cheaper than that of a thin core board, and it's vertical (differentiated by the direction of the core material) is poor in bending and compressive strength, but the transverse bending and compressive strength is higher.

5. Particleboard

Particleboard is a thin board made of wood scraps as the main raw material and then infiltrated with glue and additives. The pressing method can be divided into two types: extruded particleboard and flat pressed particle board. The main advantage of this type of board is that it is extremely cheap. Its shortcomings are also obvious: extremely poor strength. Generally, it is not suitable for making larger furniture or furniture with mechanical requirements.

Solid Aluminum Plate

Solid Aluminum Plate

6. Density board

Density board also called fiberboard. It is made of wood fiber or other plant fiber as raw material and applied with urea-formaldehyde resin or other applicable adhesives. According to the different density, it is divided into the high-density board, medium density board, and low-density board. MDF is also easy to reprocess due to its softness and impact resistance. In foreign countries, MDF is a good material for making furniture, but since the national standard for height boards is several times lower than the international standard, the quality of MDF in my country needs to be improved.

7. Fireproof board

Fireproof board is a decorative board made of siliceous material or calcium material as the main raw material, mixed with a certain proportion of fiber materials, lightweight aggregates, adhesives, and chemical additives, and made by autoclave technology. It is a new type of material that is used more and more at present, and its use is not only because of fire prevention factors. The construction of a fireproof board has higher requirements for sticking glue, and the price of the better quality fireproof board is more expensive than the decorative panel. The thickness of the fireproof board is generally 0.8mm, 1mm, and 1.2mm.

8. Melamine board

Melamine board, full name is melamine impregnated adhesive film paper veneer artificial board, is a kind of wall decoration material. The manufacturing process is to soak the paper with different colors or textures in a melamine resin adhesive, then dry to a certain degree of curing, and pave it on the particleboard.

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