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How to Properly Maintain a Home Ceiling

Mar. 27, 2020

Compared with ordinary ceilings, integrated ceilings are more convenient to install, and the effect is more stylish and beautiful. Therefore, many households choose to make integrated ceilings in the kitchen, bathroom, and other spaces. So what are its maintenance skills? Aluminum Ceiling Tile factory shares with you.

The integrated ceiling is generally installed in the kitchen, bathroom and other spaces with more oil smoke and water stains. Therefore, regular stains must be removed from the ceiling. When encountering oil and scale, it can be cleaned by soft layout. If you encounter a damaged or a heavily soiled single chip, you can replace it for the update, but pay attention to the color difference. In addition, the gap between the ceiling can be brushed with an anti-greasy protective agent.

Aluminum Clip-in Ceiling

Maintenance of heating modules

Do not turn on and off the heating module frequently. Make sure there is no large vibration during operation, otherwise it will affect the service life of the heating bulb. When it is turned on after a long period of non-use, do a circuit and bulb inspection. operating normally. In case of problems, please have a professional technicians overhaul.

Maintenance of lighting module

Try not to switch frequently when using the lamp, because at the moment of the frequent startup, the current through the filament is greater than the current during normal operation, which will cause the filament temperature to rise sharply and sublimate, thereby greatly reducing its service life. In addition, after the lamp is used for a period of time, the luminous flux will be greatly reduced, and the lamp will become darker and darker. At this time, pay attention to replace the lamp with a new one in time.

Maintenance of the ventilation module

The integrated ceiling ventilating fan should not be turned on and off frequently, and the oil stains should be removed regularly. Do not use highly corrosive chemical solutions when cleaning, otherwise, the plastic parts and the outer paint will be easily damaged. Lubricate the motor regularly. When the ventilation fan is cleaned and reinstalled, the blade nut must be tightened to prevent the blade from rotating and flying out after the power is turned on, which may cause an accident.

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