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Is Powder Coating Aluminum Panel Rust Proof?

Oct. 14, 2020

When we finish the surface treatment, we are all looking for easy to use, beautiful to look at forever. There really is no magic or "forever" fantasy, but our powder coating aluminum panel could do that.

Powder coatings are resistant to cracking, peeling, fragmentation, abrasion, rust, and chemical corrosion. Though not indestructible, has extremely high durability, retains color and luster, is uniformly carried out, has excellent ultraviolet stability, and has stronger durability more environmentally friendly than traditional liquid paints.

Powder Coating Aluminum Ceiling

Powder Coating Aluminum Ceiling

1. Why is the powder coating aluminum ceiling so durable?

It s no secret that powder paint is one of the strongest coatings available and can handle a lot of abuse. To break, fail, or even scrape. This makes it the choice for most industrial applications as well as powder coating aluminum panel. Powder coatings have better coverage than liquid coatings, because -- as the name suggests --coat the material to be applied. A  coating that takes only a few minutes to apply, bake and solidify to provide the protection it can withstand even the harshest elements. However, any damage to the powder coating can result in an opportunity for moisture to permeate and rust.

2. Here are some facts and hints to prevent the powder coating aluminum panel from rusting when separated.

(1) Bonding strength

Two main pieces of information were obtained from the bond strength test. The first is tensile strength or bonding the strength of the substrate and the second coat is approximately the point at which cracking occurs in the coating system.split it could be a fusible fracture, a cohesive fracture, a combination of the two, or a failure to bond.

(2) Corrosion resistance of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy

The bode representation of impedance data has been analyzed using VersaSTAT MC and ZSimpWin software from Princeton University research. A single slope in the intermediate frequency range indicates the existence of a single time constant and the impedance data has been the equivalent circuit is used for analysis.

3. Conclusion

The powder coating protects the galvanized steel substrate by introducing a relatively high ohm barrier resistance between the aluminum substrate and the corrosive environment. In addition, it indicates that there is cross-linking density.

Powder Coating Aluminum Panel

Powder Coating Aluminum Panel

In the end, our powder coating aluminum panel and powder coating aluminum ceiling will be your best choice. Any questions, please contact us.

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