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Why Do We Need to Leave Expansion Joints When Installing Aluminum Veneer Curtain Walls?

Oct. 19, 2020

1. When installing the aluminum veneer curtain wall, the corner code must be fixed on the main and auxiliary keel, and the expansion gap reserved when the aluminum veneer curtain wall is made. Each piece of aluminum veneer curtain wall must be fixed with more than 4 screws and installed firmly. However, the diameter of the wind batch will not be less than 10mm during installation, so a gap must be left for easy installation.

2. Prevent heat expansion and contraction of aluminum veneer curtain wall when it is hot and cold. The raw materials of aluminum veneer curtain walls belong to non-ferrous metals, and most of the pure aluminum is 1100. However, metal materials cannot prevent the correlation of thermal expansion and contraction. There is an expansion joint in the middle of the aluminum veneer curtain wall, which can reasonably prevent the extrusion and deformation of the aluminum veneer curtain wall after swelling in summer, and it can also prevent the tension between the aluminum veneer curtain walls from a sudden drop in temperature, and make every effort to make the overall beautiful and practical Unify.

Aluminum Solid Panel

3. It is beautiful and generous. Because aluminum veneer curtain walls belong to customized specifications, the production process is different, the manufacturer’s manufacturing specification deviation or processing technology error, machine equipment deviation, or technical problems of the installer may often cause aluminum orders. After the curtain wall is installed, there will be large or small gaps, so for the sake of beauty and generosity, evenly leaving the gaps can coordinate this scattered deviation.

Shrinking the gap can enable skilled engineering and construction personnel, and it is best to be skilled in gluing. When installing, it can help you reduce the gap as much as possible, cut the glue nozzle into a duckbill shape, use uniform force, and control the speed until the glue is full. There is no hollow drum and no mound shape, and then the seam is wiped away with the help of masking paper without showing any traces. Pay special attention to the maintenance after gluing. Before the glue is completely hardened, do not get dust or scratch the aluminum veneer curtain wall. After the aluminum veneer curtain wall is installed, tear off the protective tape and protective film on the aluminum veneer surface layer by layer from top to bottom, and clean the surface of the aluminum veneer without stains with clean water. Simultaneously dismantle the layer of the rack by layer. When dismantling the racks, pay attention to protecting the aluminum veneer. Do not bump, knock or scratch the spray coating on the surface of the aluminum veneer curtain wall, and finally complete the construction of the entire curtain wall project.

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