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Misunderstandings to Buy When Buying Aluminum CeilingsⅠ

Jan. 06, 2020

Aluminum gusset plate is based on an aluminum alloy plate, which is formed by blanking, angle cutting, and compression molding. The surface of the aluminum gusset plate is processed with various coatings to obtain various aluminum gusset products. There are mainly two types of aluminum gusset plates. Types, one is the integrated aluminum gusset for home decoration, and the other is the engineering integrated aluminum gusset. The first generation of ceiling products is the gypsum board and mineral wool board; the second generation is PVC; the third generation is the HUV metal ceiling.

Honeycomb Composite Panel

1. Think metal plates are good

The chemical composition is unqualified, and the cost of aluminum profiles doped with a large amount of miscellaneous aluminum and waste aluminum is greatly reduced, but it will cause the chemical composition of building aluminum profiles to be unqualified and seriously endanger the safety of construction engineering. Inferior metal plates contain heavy metals. They are radiated to the human body and have high iron content. They are susceptible to rust. Inferior coatings tend to breed bacteria.

2. Don't just care about thickness

High-quality aluminum gussets are light and flexible; low-quality aluminum gussets have high iron and heavy metal content, and the plates are heavy and easy to break. Imported plates are generally 0.5mm-0.6mm thick, while domestic plates are 0.6mm-0.8mm thick.

The real good aluminum gusset plate manufacturers will not produce plates with thickness of more than 0.6mm, because only those harmful recycled aluminum-containing lead, chromium, mercury, etc. which is not qualified in quality can produce aluminum gusset plates with relatively high thickness because of insufficient toughness and purity. In addition, the allowable error between the National Aluminum standard thickness and the actual size is 0.02mm. Aluminum Ceiling Tile factory suggests that the consumer take the micrometer to measure when buying.

3. Only care about plate prices

For the integrated ceiling aluminum gusset plate, the price of the plate is different due to the purity of aluminum and the surface technology. The worst is that the sprayed plate is toxic and easy to change color when it is exposed to oil fume.

Although the price of the same kind of aluminum gusset ceilings is also different, some people think that the ceiling is only a small part of the decoration to buy cheap materials, and some people value the expensive materials, thinking that the more expensive the better, these blindly pursue the purchase method of price, Will lead to the wrong selection.

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