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What Should Be Paid Attention to When Processing Aluminum Veneer

Sep. 16, 2020

With the rapid development of my country's building decoration industry in recent years, fluorocarbon sprayed aluminum veneer has excellent fading resistance, corrosion resistance, strong UV resistance, strong crack resistance, and the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, except for high-rise buildings. In addition to a large number of applications in curtain walls, at the same time with its wide color selection, good metal gloss, strong impact resistance, etc., it is more and more favored by interior decorators. It is widely used in ceilings and walls of high-end interior decoration projects.

1. As a high-end decorative material, the production and processing levels of domestic fluorocarbon sprayed aluminum veneer manufacturers are quite different. Before placing an order, special attention should be paid to the inspection of the manufacturer, its production capacity and scale, project performance, and its technical design capabilities. Do not use low-level and small-scale processing factories due to low prices, otherwise, it will bring greater difficulties to construction and management, and serious consequences will cause irreversible economic losses.

Buildings Aluminium Panel

2. As an important process before processing the fluorocarbon sprayed aluminum veneer-field data measurement, it is recommended to use an infrared rangefinder for measurement. If the traditional tape measure is used for measurement, there will be measurement errors, which will have a very negative impact on the aluminum plates that require close stitching.

3. During the processing of fluorocarbon sprayed aluminum veneer, all-aluminum plates should not be processed and formed at one time. The last aluminum plate and corner plates in each installation area should not be processed temporarily. Wait for all the fluorocarbon in the area After the sprayed aluminum veneer is installed, perform on-site data measurement again to obtain the accurate size and then process it to avoid unnecessary rework and economic losses.

4. Although the fluorocarbon sprayed aluminum veneer is a kind of metal decorative board, its fluorocarbon sprayed layer is easy to scratch. Therefore, in addition to requiring the manufacturer's aluminum plates to be brought into the field with a protective film, the transportation and installation process should also focus on avoiding scratches and heavy objects, otherwise, it will seriously affect the overall appearance of the aluminum plates.

5. For the installation method of fluorocarbon sprayed aluminum veneer, the most common and difficult to solve is the uneven joints between the blocks, which should be paid attention to. In addition to paying attention to the uniform and consistent thickness of the adhesive during the construction process, the temporary fixing measures shall not be removed prematurely, usually not less than 12h.

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