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Precautions For Aluminum Ceiling Installation

Nov. 29, 2019

Aluminum ceiling is convenient to air circulation, exhaust, cooling ceiling partition decorative materials. Below the Building Outdoor Decorative Aluminum Panel Manufacturer introduces you to the aluminum ceiling.

1. Keel distance. Arrange the keel according to the size of the gusset plate, the distance is 50 ~ 60cm, and the derrick should not exceed 30cm from the end of the main keel. Otherwise, additional derrick should be added to avoid falling.

2. Equipment size. Before the equipment to advance the lights, bath bully, take off the size of the location of the workers, so that the resolution of the hole. Bath bully keel wants equipment of oneself or abstemious and simple wooden frame.

3. Equipment sequence. In the equipment aluminum plate ceiling, the kitchen, the first fixed range hood hose flue, the resolution of smoke machine location, then ceiling; Bathhouse, first installed bath bully, exhaust fan, and then suspended the ceiling. Must row the conduit of bath bully, gas water heater first.

4. Panel connection. Faceplate and keel connection is close, surface level off, the joint is even. No pollution, broken, missing edge Angle, hammer damage, delamination, leakage, penetration, corner. The gap between the corner line and the wall should be small and even.

5. Hole depth. Light steel keel shall be applied to the square plate, aluminum or galvanized keel shall be applied to the strip plate, and the direction shall be in accordance with the measured construction drawing. The drilling depth of 3 ~ 4cm shall be appropriate to prevent the destruction of the wire pipe and waterproof layer.

6. Top furniture. Avoid by all means fan of platoon, bath bully, large lamps and lanterns, install directly on gusset plate or keel, can consolidate directly at coping.

 Aluminum Corrugated Ceiling Panel

Remove Aluminum Corrugated Ceiling Panel

1. Remove the aluminum ceiling to pay attention not to destroy the wind and flue.

2. Before the removal of the aluminum ceiling to cut off the power supply, removed is the ceiling as far as possible within the line to dispose of all together, reinstall the ceiling before the basic useless wiring.

3. Remove the aluminum ceiling to pay attention to the wire, also must pay attention to the ceiling of the important air conditioning and radiator, avoid damage to the pipes and equipment.

4. Demolition to pay attention to clean, do not need to retain the original ceiling decoration structure, especially load-bearing structure, bring trouble to the re-installation.

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