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Types of Surface Materials Used in Metal Curtain Walls

May. 13, 2020

The metal curtain wall surface material mainly has the following kinds: aluminum composite board, single layer aluminum board, aluminum honeycomb board, sandwich insulation aluminum board, stainless steel board, color coated steel plate, enamel steel plate and so on. Aluminum strip ceiling factory shares with you.

Aluminum composite board is composed of inside and outside two layers of aluminum board are 0.5mm thick in the middle of holding 2-5mm thick polyethylene or rigid polyethylene foam board, the board surface coated with fluorocarbon resin coating, forming a tough, stable film layer, adhesion and durability is very strong, rich in color, the back of the board coated with polyester paint to prevent possible corrosion. Aluminum composite plate is often used in the early appearance of metal curtain wall panel material.

The single-layer aluminum plate adopts 2.5mm or 3mm thick aluminum alloy plate. The surface of the single-layer aluminum plate used for the exterior curtain wall is consistent with the coating material of the front of the aluminum composite plate. The film layer has the same tenacity, stability, adhesion and durability. Monolayer aluminum plate is another kind of metal curtain wall commonly used panel material after aluminum composite plate, and more and more applications.

Types of Surface Materials Used in Metal Curtain Walls

Honeycomb aluminum sheet is two pieces of aluminum plate with honeycomb core material bonding into a kind of composite materials, according to the requirements of the use function of curtain wall and durable fixed number of year can choose different thickness is 10 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm and 25 mm of honeycomb aluminum plate, The honeycomb aluminum plate with the thickness of 10mm shall be bonded by the front aluminum plate of 1mm and the back aluminum alloy plate of 0.5-0.8mm thickness and the honeycomb aluminum, more than 10 mm in thickness of honeycomb aluminum plate, the thickness of the front and the back of the aluminum alloy plate should be 1 mm, curtain wall with honeycomb aluminum plate should be aluminum honeycomb, Honeycomb shape has regular hexagonal, flat hexagonal, rectangular, square, cross, flat square, etc., honeycomb core material to be processed by special, otherwise its strength is low, short life, such as aluminum foil chemical oxygen, its strength and corrosion resistance performance will be increased. Honeycomb core material in addition to aluminum foil there are glass fiber reinforced plastic honeycomb and paper honeycomb, but the actual use of not much. Because the cost of honeycomb aluminum plate is very high, so the dosage is not large.

Sandwich insulation aluminum board and aluminum honeycomb board and aluminum composite board form is similar, but the middle of the core layer material is different, sandwich insulation aluminum board core layer is used insulation material (rock wool, etc.). Because the price of sandwich insulation aluminum board is very high, and with other aluminum board added insulation materials can achieve the same insulation effect with sandwich insulation aluminum board, so the current sandwich insulation aluminum board consumption is not large.

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