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Buying Tips and Precautions for Aluminum Gussets

Jan. 21, 2020

With the application of aluminum gusset ceilings in decoration, many people today choose to install integrated ceilings on their ceilings when they are decorating their homes, but everyone doesn't know much about related knowledge, then, let’s follow Aluminum Strip Ceiling manufacturer. Get up to know the purchase tips and precautions of the aluminum ceiling plate.

First, purchase skills

1. Observe its material first. Most of the ceiling materials sold on the market today are made of ordinary aluminum. Its advantages are low force, normal flatness, easy to break, and it is very neat after installation. Its advantages are good flatness, not easy to break and difficult to deform. Be warned that if you do not have good basic materials, it will greatly affect the use time of aluminum gussets.

2, then come to observe its appearance processing. Nowadays, the surface treatment methods of the integrated ceiling aluminum gusset plate include baking paint, electrostatic spray coating, and lamination, etc. Among them, the electrostatic spraying and baking paint have a short service life and are prone to color difference. The service life of roller coating and the pearlescent coating is better than the former, and there is no color difference. The coated film can be divided into general film and imported film. The service life of the general film is shorter than that of the roll-coated board, and the service life of the imported film can reach 20 years without changing color.

China Aluminum Ceiling Tile

3. Check the workmanship of the integrated ceiling aluminum gusset. The workmanship mentioned is the combination of the sheet and outer layer. If the workmanship is not completed, the impact on the product's service time will be particularly large. Nowadays, the manufacturers of aluminum gusset plates in the market are very different in their manufacturing processes. Many small factories cut corners and cut materials. , The workmanship is particularly poor, even if it is a film-covered board, it is also directly passed through the film on the aluminum board according to the manual, as long as the temperature changes, it will immediately fall, so that the use cycle is reduced.

Second, matters needing attention

1. Be sure to match the installation of electrical appliances at home during installation. Only after the ceiling is fully installed, it is a product without damage or incompleteness. When installing the aluminum ceiling plate, pay attention to the installation of the ceiling and the electrical installation on the same day.

2. There are many auxiliary materials used to install aluminum gussets. If the price of auxiliary materials is not negotiated with the store in advance, during actual installation, the accessories may be more expensive than aluminum gussets. Because aluminum gussets usually need to be installed in conjunction with other products, in general, the cost of installation and accessories of aluminum gussets cannot exceed 30% to 40% of the price of aluminum gussets themselves.

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