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Types of Aluminum Veneer

Feb. 29, 2020

1. Punched aluminum veneer

The punched aluminum veneer is a decorative sheet that uses advanced CNC punching equipment to drill holes of various shapes on the surface of the aluminum veneer according to the design drawings. Various fillers can be added according to various special needs. Our company provides Aluminum Ceiling Strip.

2.Carved aluminum veneer

The carved aluminum veneer is carved on the surface of aluminum veneer with a variety of artistic modeling patterns. Through the combination of different patterns and different environments, it breaks through the traditional modeling concept and makes the aluminum carved lines more bright and elegant. Because of its good processing performance, changeful shape and appearance color, not easy to contaminate, easy to clean and maintain and other advantages, the carved aluminum veneer curtain wall panel can not only be applied to outdoor decoration, but also to interior wall, ceiling, partition wall, column, beam, balcony, doorcase, windowsill, counter, billboard, even screen, and handicraft decoration.

Aluminum Ceiling Strip

3.Woodgrain aluminum veneer

Woodgrain aluminum veneer is the effect of treating wood veneer with powder on the surface of the aluminum veneer. As a brand-new green environmental protection product, the wood grain aluminum veneer has high-grade gorgeous patterns, realistic color texture, solid and wear-resistant pattern, no formaldehyde, non-toxic, and no harmful gas release.

4, imitation stone aluminum veneer

Stone imitation aluminum veneer is a new decorative material based on aluminum veneer through special spraying process to make aluminum veneer have a strong three-dimensional sense of stone.

5.Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer

Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer is also called flat aluminum veneer. The surface coating of fluorocarbon aluminum veneer is divided into fluorocarbon spraying, powder spraying, polyester paint spraying, and fluorocarbon pre-roll coating according to customer needs. The fluorocarbon sprayed surface coating is divided into two coatings, one baking, three coatings, one baking, and three coatings and two bakings. The powder coating surface coating is one coating and one baking. The color of the fluorocarbon aluminum veneer can be freely chosen by customers.

6. Shaped aluminum veneer

Shaped aluminum veneer refers to different shapes of aluminum veneer that can be made into hockey aluminum veneer, tapered aluminum veneer, curved aluminum veneer, and other shapes according to the design. Modeling aluminum veneer is a kind of aluminum product with a strong decorative and beautiful appearance.

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