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What Are The Types Of Aluminum Ceilings?

Dec. 13, 2019

Interior decorates the method to have a lot of, accordingly we should choose suit oneself, decorate the design to have a lot of kinds for instance ceiling, the effect that different kind brings is different, what use most now is aluminum ceiling. What are the types of aluminum ceilings? Below by Aluminum Ceiling Tile factory makeup to give you an introduction.

Wood grain Aluminum Baffle Ceiling

Types of aluminum ceiling

1. aluminum grille

The combination of aluminum grid ceiling is flexible: the combination of aluminum grid and the aluminum frame has the characteristics of unique design and novel modeling after installation. The top of the main bone and the auxiliary bone of the grid ceiling is folded inward to enhance the firmness of the bone strip. The main bone and the auxiliary bone strip can be adjusted on-site to meet the requirements of different sites. The trimmed bone strips can still be used with each other. The port structure of the main bone and the auxiliary bone is exquisite Make the connection of the bone bar seamless.

2. aluminum Fang Tong

Aluminum square is generally used in public places with a large number of concealed works, which is convenient for air circulation, exhaust and heat dissipation. At the same time, it can make the light evenly distributed, making the whole space spacious and bright. Aluminum square is widely used in subway, high-speed railway station, station, airport, large shopping mall, passage, leisure place, public toilet, building the exterior wall and other open places. Aluminum square pass is a kind of open type long strip hanging board, which is composed of aluminum square pass and separated distance arrangement. The longboard hanging on the keel installation test is adopted, which hides the keel system in the visual degree. The aluminum square ceiling is vertical, coherent and thick, simple and elegant with the style of the times.

3. aluminum buckle plate

Aluminum gusset plate ceiling structure is tight and waterproof: the installation structure is windproof special keel snap-type structure, with strong splicing density, no gap at all and strong waterproof; high and deep keel, strong wind resistance: there are fixed module snap teeth on the high and deep keel, and metal ceiling is designed with windproof card code beside each snap tooth for wind resistance, which is suitable for outdoor decoration, high safety, and suitable for outdoor devices It can be flexibly assembled and used to provide designers with a broader space for conception.

4. aluminum hanger

The aluminum hanging piece has an open vision, making people's mind incomparably open, ventilated, breathable, clear lines and clear layers. The installation effect of the aluminum hanging piece is simple and clear, which is the style of modern art. The designs and colors of aluminum ceiling are diversified. Woodgrain is the most popular color now, and it is also a highly imitated color of natural flavor so that people can feel the existence of nature in their tiring work.

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